ECSTATIC DANCE / ECSTATIC TRANCE  - Invite me as a DJ & spaceholder for your session!



How does your dance heaven look like?


Do you also get images of liberating movements, partying cells, wonderful connections, an outstanding "feeling-great-in-my-skin" experience, cozy atmospheres, warm colors, relaxing thoughts and delicious melodies?


Well, then there‘s good news for you! Because you’re invited to... the deep groovin', sweet movin', most amazing Ecstatic Dance!



What is ecstatic dance?


A unique dance experience, guided by music and sounds. We go on exploration, dare to be vulnerable and gently push our boundaries.


There are three simple basic guidelines to ED: "No shoes. No booze. No chitchat." So we come together connecting our bare feet to the earth, purely communicating through our bodies and celebrating life in all its aspects!


We welcome you exactly as you are now! So you are entirely free to follow your own needs during the dance.


Each ED starts and ends with a ceremony in which we make time and space to connect with ourselves, the others, the space, the vibrations, our intentions and the larger ED tribe.


The concept of ED arose in Hawaii and California and has grown extensively over the years, weekly touching many hearts and bodies all over the world.


Come as you are, share as you wish and create as you dream. I look forward greeting you on the dance floor during one of the events. Together we dance as a manifestation of love and peace on Earth!





Ecstatic Dance Guidelines


1. Move however you wish.
2. No talking on the dance floor.
3. Respect yourself and one another.


Ecstatic Dance is a drug & alcohol free space.


Many people dance in their own space. Others share their space with another.


To engage in a dance with someone, use sensitivity: Are they open to sharing their space with me?
Mirror movements, offer a hand, brush by, make eye contact and see & feel how they respond...


If you'd rather not dance with someone or are ending a dance with someone,
simply thank them by placing your hands in prayer at your heart. Namaste... Thank You.





Everyone is welcome, no experience required! Loose clothing & some water is helpful.


Listen to Lino's sets here: