Lino is a trained & experienced integrative/holistic coach, guide, trainer, facilitator, host & DJ.


Roughly 20 years ago, he set off on his conscious journey towards himself & through life. He’s been DJing for more than 20 years & has many years of experience in coaching individuals, leadership, counselling & facilitating teams as well as in training & hosting groups.


Born in 1978 & father of a daughter, he moves within a vast scope of interests & inspiration: He’s passionate about life & learning, music & DJing, dancing, meditation, exploring consciousness, spirituality, personal expansion, challenges & responsibility, coaching, transpersonal psychology, systemic approaches & hypnotherapy (Gilligan’s generative trance), breathwork, bodywork, possibility management, communication, social relationships & authentic relating, circling, facilitation & art of hosting, community, solution-finding, health & nutrition, mother earth & nature, shamanism, (social) permaculture, sustainability, education systems & informal education, conscious festivals, the emerging paradigm (the next culture) and much more.



As a child he early sensed an intense connection to nature, in which he found this connection being a rich & powerful source of alignment. Furthermore he was sensitive to people’s conditions & always felt happy & complete when he was surrounded by the people he felt connected to and could feel they were doing well.

Then life happened and on the level of every-day-consciousness he felt he had mostly lost this connection. Around the age of 20, some books and encounters reminded him, that reconnection and alignment were still possible. A long learning-journey began, with lots of challenges & rich in experiences of self-discovery. He slowly discovered his limits, his potentials & ways to unfold them as well as the working principles behind creation itself.



The qualities he brings into his work today are fruits of this (ongoing) process: sensitivity, broadened perception, intuition, presence, empathy, communication skills... just to name a few. In all this he‘s acknowledging the natural limits of his very individual humanness. For him it‘s an ongoing journey & he is dedicated to continue learning & exploring his path. Meanwhile he‘s very passionate about:


  • creating & holding spaces for individual & collective expansion
  • sharing the knowledge he gained so far


His work is designed to help you expand on all desired levels & shine in your wholeness.



If you wanna know more about his coaching & guidance activities, go here: (german) or here: (english & german)


Besides that, he loves DJing in the more psychedelic & energetic fields of ambient, downtempo, trance, shamanic & worldmusic. Listen to his sets here: