In the Sacred Motion space you are invited to leave the seamless stream of thoughts, to engage in an inner journey & to flow through breath, sound & movement into your inner universe.


You are invited to give youself space, to follow your inner impulses, to dance as if there’s no tomorrow, to scream, to sing, to cry, to laugh… or to just be still & listen inwardly…


If you are willing to open up to this journey on all levels, you’ll dive deep into your unconscious & discover yourself anew. You’ll spot blocking patterns and its solutions, your pain & the fountains of your joy.


Being carried by the sounds & the space, you open up to a deeper understanding of your path, of your being & why things/encounters/situations in your life happen the way they do (& what for)… you’ll find yourself closer than ever to your essence and to your inner joy.


There are three different Sacred Motion formats or settings: the Sacred Motion Wave, the Sacred Motion Circle & the Sacred Motion Initiation. All of them are safe ceremonial spaces for holistic self-exploration & self-awareness, each of them allowing different levels of depth, healing & transformation.




A revolution without dancing is not a revolution worth having.“


Emma Goldman





Sacred Motion Wave:


The Sacred Motion Wave is an event that takes approximately 2h to 2h30‘ of time.


We arrive, silently acclimatize with the space, the people and especially with ourselves & our bodies – we feel free to move (or not) as it feels comfortable for us.


After 20-30 minutes, we find ourselves sitting in a circle to open the Sacred Motion Wave. After a few words & the opening ritual, we start the guided trance-breathing (sitting, lying or upright, as pleases us). From there the music comes in & invites us on our journey into the sacred motion. We are free to start moving & to dance, to go on breathing & to express as it feels most natural to us… A few words may offer guiding impulses from time to time.


After 1h30‘ we slowly find our ways back into a circle. We take some time to silently explore (& share) the sacred motion within us. The closing ritual completes the wave. We feel free to stay for a little while, to verbally share or to leave.



Sacred Motion Circle:


The Sacred Motion Circle is a 3-5 day immersive retreat and consists of several extended Sacred Motion Waves in which the particular elements allow a more deepening & transformative experience.


In addition we give more space for complementary elements, such as collective meditation, magic teachings, different ceremonies (such as the wheel of the year, cacao, male/female centered spaces,…), for individual & collective processing, for caring-sharing, for community and for individual support.


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Sacred Motion Initiation:


The Sacred Motion Initiation is a year-long immersive process within a small group of people. It consists of 4 Sacred Motion Circles plus several day-long units that allow enough space for deep individual processing & coaching.